Smiling in Niagara Falls, ON: Signs You Need to See Your Periodontist

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Your teeth are pretty important, and making them a priority is only right. The problem is some people don’t go to a specialist because they don’t think they need to. One way to know is to learn the signs of trouble. The following are signs you should look for a periodontist in Niagara Falls ON.

Bad Breath

One sign of a problem with your gums is persistent bad breath. Sure, you might wake up with bad breath, but it shouldn’t be happening throughout the day. This is a sign of a bigger issue that a periodontist needs to address.

Bleeding Gums

Another sign telling you that you need to see a periodontist in Niagara Falls ON is bleeding gums. Most of the time, this is happening because your gums are weak, and that happens after bacteria colonizes in areas of your mouth. You definitely want to see a periodontist if you notice this.

Loose Teeth

The ability to keep your teeth in place depends on the strength and health of your gums. If your gums are weak because of an infection, then you need to make sure you see an oral specialist. You can actually lose your teeth at this point, so make sure you don’t take too long before going.

Recessed Gums

Advanced infections can lead to recessed gums, and that could leave your roots exposed. Once your gums expose the roots of your teeth and bacteria finds a way in there, then the chances of losing your teeth skyrocket. If you notice that your gums are pushed back, then you need to be checked out by an oral specialist.

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