Achieving a Gorgeous, Healthy Smile with General Dentistry in Basking Ridge NJ

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Having a beautiful and healthy smile provides many benefits for everyone. Oral health helps maintain overall health. it also provides a person the willingness to feel comfortable sharing their smile with others. This can help improve self-esteem and confidence. To achieve a gorgeous, healthy smile, regular dental care is needed. This includes proper oral hygiene and regular visits to a dentist. General Dentistry in Basking Ridge NJ offers a variety of services to maintain and improve any smile.

Regular Visits

Adults without any serious issues should see a dentist twice a year. During these visits, the patient is provided a thorough cleaning of their teeth and gums. This removes buildups and plaque that can lead to periodontal disease. During this visit, the dentist will also provide a thorough examination of the mouth. This helps identify any issues or potential issues with the teeth and gum. These visits may also require X-rays to allow the dentist to have a thorough look at the teeth and jaw.

Restorative Care

If problems are found during the regular exam or arise at any other time, General Dentistry in Basking Ridge NJ provides a method for repairing those issues. For teeth that are damaged but retain a strong root, dental crowns may be the best repair option. Teeth that are severely damaged may need to be removed. In these cases, patients have the option for replacing these teeth with a bridge or even a dental implant. There are a variety of options available to repair and replace damaged teeth.

Cosmetic Care

There are times when teeth are healthy and strong but still do not provide that gorgeous smile. In these situations, cosmetic dentistry options are available. For those with discolored teeth, tooth whitening may be an option to restore the bright white look of their smile. For those with misshapen teeth, veneers are often the perfect option for restoring the appearance of a smile. The Snap-on Smile is a quick and easy option to provide patients with the smile they want without creating a hassle.

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