Popular Services Offered by a Family Dentist in Kona

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Toddlers, teens, adults, and seniors all need to visit their dentist each year for a checkup. Finding a Family Dentist in Kona that everyone likes is a must. It’s also essential to choose a clinic that offers the services that every member of the family needs. Here are some services the best dentists provide.

Digital X-Rays

The days of waiting for dental x-rays to develop are over. Today, nearly every Family Dentist in Kona offers digital x-rays to their patients. Instead of using film, digital technology gives dentists the ability to see the images immediately. This advancement reduces the total time a patient must sit in the exam room.

Additionally, digital x-rays expose patients to far less radiation than traditional film. This new technology reduces the risk of developing cancer due to radiation exposure. Digital x-rays are safe enough to use on children, and the images are much clearer.

Sedation Dentistry

Dental phobias affect people of all ages. Unfortunately, this fear is often so crippling that people put off seeing their dentist until it’s too late. Many dentists now offer sedation dentistry as a way to lure in even the most fearful patients.

Sedation dentistry involves medicating the patient during a procedure to make them feel drowsy and relaxed. Dentists often prescribe oral medications to help a patient feel at ease. Others administer laughing gas to help patients overcome their fear. Anyone who has a phobia of the dentist should inquire about sedation options.

Teeth Whitening

Sometimes people visit the dentist to improve the appearance of their smile. The most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment is teeth whitening. While there are countless over-the-counter teeth whitening products available, none of them compare to a professional whitening treatment done by Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S.

On average, teeth whitening only takes about one hour. The dentist covers the patient’s teeth with a powerful whitening solution that lifts even the deepest stains. One treatment will brighten a smile by several shades. Many patients schedule this treatment every two years to maintain their results.

When selecting a dentist for the family, be sure to take a look over all the services provided at the clinic. The dentist should offer something for everyone. Don’t forget to browse website to learn even more about popular dentistry services.