Combat Sleep Apnea with Help from Your Dentist

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Sleep apnea is a serious problem beyond just the obnoxious snoring. You stop breathing during the night on a regular basis when suffering from sleep apnea. When you stop breathing, your body does not get the proper oxygen for your health. You put yourself at a greater risk of developing depression, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. You will feel exhausted every day because your rest is interrupted throughout the night. Finding a solution to improve your health is vital. Your dentist could have the answer for you.

A Dental Solution Can Help You to Sleep Easier
Sleep apnea can often be traced to a problem with your teeth. Your teeth may not align properly, or your tongue may roll back while you are asleep. Your dentist can offer assistance with sleep apnea in Macon GA. The process begins with getting an evaluation by your dentist. Your sleep apnea could be resolved with something as simple as a mouth guard. Your dentist will make an impression of your teeth in order to create your customized oral appliance. This will slide over your teeth while you are sleeping. It will help your teeth and jaw to be in the proper position, holding your tongue in place, so that you can sleep well again. Clearing your airway at night will give your body a boost in oxygen levels. When you are getting the ideal oxygen, you will rest well and regain your energy again.

Learn More About Dental Services for Sleep Apnea

Providence Dental Spa is here to help you address your concerns about sleep apnea in Macon GA. Explore your treatment options at Find out how you can take a team approach with your dentist to sleep better.