The 3 Most Popular Types of Cosmetic Dentistry in Grand Prairie TX

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Smiles come in all shapes and sizes. Many people, however, wish they could change something about the appearance of their teeth. Innovations in cosmetic dentistry in Grand Prairie TX now make it possible for patients to get the smile they’ve always wanted. These procedures are some of the most popular.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth darken with age. Environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and hormones all play a factor in tooth discoloration. While regular brushing and flossing do help to remove surface stains, deeply embedded stains need the help of something stronger.

Professional teeth whitening is a fast way to brighten a smile by up to ten shades. A dentist paints on a powerful whitening solution and activates it with a special blue light. This solution lifts stains with ease, and patients leave the dental clinic with a smile they can’t wait to show off to everyone.

Dental Veneers

Movie stars are known for having big, bright, white smiles. Most of these stars also have a great dentist. That’s because many stars use dental veneers to get a picture-perfect smile. Today, dental veneers are becoming more popular with people from all walks of life.

Dental veneers are porcelain overlays that are glued to the front side of each tooth. They correct a wide range of dental concerns, including discoloration and spacing issues. With proper care, dental veneers can last for decades before they need to be replaced.

Invisible Braces

Another popular type of cosmetic dentistry in Grand Prairie TX is invisible braces. Unlike traditional orthodontic treatments, invisible braces are practically undetectable when worn. Many adults are choosing to correct spacing issues with this innovative treatment.

Invisible braces consist of clear trays, which are called aligners. These trays fit snugly, and they slowly move each tooth into the desired location. Clear braces can treat both simple and complex cases. It’s now possible to get a straighter smile without having a mouth full of metal.

With so many different types of cosmetic procedures available, no one has to live with a smile they don’t love. Check out Website to find a cosmetic treatment that will improve the look of your teeth.