Popular Treatments Offered at a Dental Clinic in Laurel, MS

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Dental

Those who want to keep their smile healthy know the importance of visiting a dentist each year. In addition to regular cleanings and exams, most dentists offer a wide range of treatments to keep their patient’s teeth looking beautiful. A Dental Clinic in Laurel MS may provide some of these popular services to their patients.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone experiences teeth are staining to some degree. Brushing and flossing are one way to prevent discoloration, but only a professional whitening treatment can remove deep stains. That’s why many local dentists now provide this service at their Dental Clinic in Laurel MS.

Unlike over-the-counter remedies, professional whitening gives instant results. The entire procedure lasts for about an hour. When the patient leaves, their smile will be noticeably brighter. The results are not permanent, but they usually last for about a year before another treatment is recommended.

Dental Bonding

Not that long ago, all dental fillings were metal. Today, however, most dentists have switched to composite fillings. This material is colored to match the patient’s tooth, and it blends in seamlessly with the patient’s natural teeth. Best of all, it’s bonded to the tooth, making it strong and long-lasting.

That’s why so many dentists also use composite filings to repair chipped teeth. The dentist molds the material to the chipped tooth, camouflaging the damage. It’s cured and bonded to the tooth. Dental bonding is an effective and affordable way to fix minor chips.

Digital X-Rays

It wasn’t uncommon for patients to refuse x-rays because of radiation exposure. Unfortunately, without x-rays, dentists are unable to see many hidden problems, including cavities and damaged roots. The introduction of digital x-rays, however, has made this important procedure safer than ever.

The amount of radiation emitted during digital x-rays is negligible. The images are clearer and more accurate. Plus, dentists no longer have to wait for the film to develop. Most clinics recommend patients get x-rays at least once a year.

With so many innovative dental procedures available, there’s no reason why anyone has to be ashamed of their smile any longer. From brightening teeth to making exams safer, technology is changing the face of dentistry. Visit Midtowndentalms.com to discover even more ways you can get a picture-perfect smile.