Brighten Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

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Technology has come a long way when it comes to improving your smile. Today, you have options that will straighten your teeth, replace missing teeth, or just make your smile brighter. How do you know which procedure is best for you?

To answer that question, you will need to make an appointment to discuss cosmetic dentistry in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Many offices will give you an initial consultation. They will make x-rays of your teeth and discuss the most affordable options available to you. Here are three of the most popular treatments used today.

Cosmetic Veneers

Veneers can correct partially crooked teeth, fix chipped teeth, whiten stained teeth, or fill in gaps between teeth. In cosmetic dentistry, this technique cements the custom-made veneers to the front of your teeth. They are usually made from a composite material or porcelain.

Dental Implants and Crowns

A dental implant is a permanent fix for missing teeth. A titanium rod is surgically implanted in the jaw. This becomes the base for a crown. Crowns are popular materials when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. They are custom fitted and work to replace missing teeth, fix a chip, or to treat badly decayed teeth.

Cosmetic Teeth Shaping

Cosmetic teeth shaping is otherwise known as enamel shaping. A crooked or chipped tooth is “reshaped” by either buffing or filing away part of the enamel. The process is not painful, and you will see the results immediately.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is more commonly called teeth bleaching. You can bleach your teeth at home or at the dentist’s office. Be sure to ask your dentist before doing it yourself, as some teeth are not suitable for bleaching. Sometimes it takes more than one treatment to achieve the results you want.

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

This technique works for badly colored teeth or chipped and broken teeth. A tooth-colored material is bonded to the tooth to correct the problem. Visit website to find out more about these procedures.