No More Pain: The Latest Innovations in General Dentistry in Fort Myers Florida

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Too many people don’t visit a dentist for regular exams. Many patients avoid seeing their dentist until they experience severe problems with their smile. However, there is no reason to put off these crucial exams any longer. The latest innovations in General Dentistry in Fort Myers Florida make visiting the dentist completely pain-free.

Sedation Dentistry

Imagine going to the dentist and sleeping through the entire appointment. While many years ago this wasn’t an option, sedation is now offered at many dental clinics. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is one of the most popular forms of sedation. Other dentists prescribe anti-anxiety pills to help calm patients.

While sedated, patients have little to no recollection of their appointment. That’s why dentists often recommend a form of sedation to fearful patients or those undergoing a lengthy procedure. However, some extremely nervous patients may request sedation for regular cleanings or checkups.

The type of sedation used depends on the complexity of the treatment and the needs of the patient. Anyone planning on being sedated needs to have a reliable ride both to and from their appointment. The effects of sedation are short-lived, and patients will feel normal after a few hours.

No More Needles

Anyone who has ever gotten a shot at the dentist knows how long the needle is. Unfortunately, many people have a fear of needles, and they may put off dental care because of this overwhelming phobia. Luckily, new advancements in general dentistry in Fort Myers Florida have nearly eliminated the use of needles.

Dentists use shots to administer local anesthesia before a procedure. Today, however, more dentists rely on lasers to deliver this medication instead. A special pen targets the specified tooth and uses a laser to inject the medicine. This innovative method is completely pain-free and eliminates the need for needles.

Modern innovations have made dental care more comfortable than ever. Even the most fearful patients can feel relaxed while sitting in the dentist’s chair. Be sure to discuss pain-free options with your dentist before making an appointment. Contact us to learn even more about how to combat your phobia before your next dental exam.